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A must-have Cleaning Brush for bathroom, kitchen, tiles, bottles, windows, carpets & others!

The  Wireless Handheld Cleaning Brush will transform your cleaning experience with a proven track record designed to meet all your needs and requirements. 


Making cleaning easier

Designed to make your cleaning days less boring and save you energy, we created the electric hand brush to allow you to quickly scrub the hard-to-reach places around the house without straining your wrist. The 360° rotation help you get deep, greasy grime off your sink to your bathtub and shower area in a snap.

3 replaceable brush heads

These replaceable brush heads have specially designed for daily cleaning.  The nylon brush head is best for large-area cleaning, while the sea brocade brush head is used for items that are easy to clean, and the lamb wool brush head has a polishing effect.

The compact handheld electric cleaning device comes with 3 different brush heads suitable for a variety of household responsibilities, such as, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and other various sanitation and cleaning tasks. 

Cordless & Rechargeable

This cordless cleaning brush is equipped with a lithium polymer battery, which can be recharged by USB charger. With a 1500mah power, it is enough for daily cleaning. The spin scrubber can be used continuously for 120 minutes and thoroughly clean the dirt.

Easy and time-saving

It’s easy to use and less effort. It fits perfectly in your hand and makes cleaning more convenient without dirty hands, relaxing knees and backs.


One unique button

It can start cleaning with one button, producing a powerful strength that ensures quick operation.


The water-proof seal design makes it safe to operate under wet conditions such as showers, tubs, sinks, etc.

Perfect For Those Who Suffer From Shoulder, & Back Pain

The is a powerful cleaning product that allows you to clean effortlessly, saving you from extreme, shoulder and back pain. 


Product size: 20 x 11cm

Product color: White

Weight: 379grams

Package Includes:

1 x Brush

1 x Adhesive Wall mount

1 x USB Charging Cable

3 x Brush Heads

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