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Better Bait. Better Catch.

Noisy Swimbait imitates everything there is to a struggling baitfish.

Built-in rattles and realistic movements take this lure a step above its counterparts, bringing about an underwater ruckus game fish can’t resist.

Swim patterns and reflective eyes mimic live baitfish.

Internal rattle attracts fishes in murky waters.

Works at any depth.

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Fish don’t move in straight lines. So why should your lure?


Noisy is a hard-hitting lure that swims, rattles, and reflects light, just like a distressed fish.

With realistic swim patterns that mimic a wounded baitfish, the Noisy spits, chugs, thumps, and neighs through the waters, sending ripples everywhere it passes.

Perfect for both beginners and veterans alike.

For deadly fish-attracting action


BassPro Noisy features a triple hooking system with round, wide gap treble hooks to hold even the heaviest of fish.

Plus you can feel the rattle all the way through the rod so you know you have a strike.

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Designed to stand up to the abuse of big fish and days on the water, Noisy lures are built with tough exterior armor and a strong, salt-ready internal weight system.

Just cast out and watch it take its rightful place as the number one choice for waterfowl hunters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pace is best to real them at?

Noisy Swimbait works best when reeled in at a medium-slow pace.

This way you can realistically imitate the swim patterns of real fish and prepare for your next catch.

What type of water will this work in?

Both clear and murky glasses of water.

The reflective eyes on Noisy allow it to attract fish effectively even in the murkiest of waters.

How deep do these swim?

Depending on how slow you crank it back in, the lures sink 3 to 5 feet usually.



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