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Add charms with natural depth to your eyelids.

Invisible Eye-Lifting by Sticked provides an instant eye-lifting to any flaccid, drooping, deep-set, hooded eyelids or even monoliths

Create a natural, parallel fold crease for more youthful, bewitching eyes.


Instant Double Eyelid
provide an instant eye lift to any flaccid, drooping, deep-set, hooded eyelids or even monoliths. Create a natural, parallel fold crease for more youthful, bewitching eyes.

Flawlessly Invisible
Delicately made of premium refined lace fiberinvisibly blending with any skin tone.

Water-activated Adhesion
Simply spray water to instantly make them become transparent and durably adhesive. Won’t leave any glue residue like traditional eyelid tapes.

Easy Application
Just spray water to make them adhesive, and then stick to your eye crease.

24-hour Adhesive
100% waterproof, sweatproof which stays all day long without loss.

Can be applied under or over makeup products like eyeshadow, glitters, foundation, primer etc.

100% latex-free and Hypoallergenic


Materials: PP / Fiber

Style: S(3mm) for slight hooding, M(3mm) for Moderate hooding, L(6mm) for Dramatic Hooding

Package Include:

1 x Invisible Eye-Lifting by Sticked(240 Strips)

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