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Fidget toys help reduce stress, combat anxiety, and focus on work, making them the ideal gift for birthdays, parties, and holidays for kids and adults.

Let’s Battle – Players take turns pressing down POP based on any number of dice the opponent throws, and whoever pushes the last one will lose.

It is encouraged for you to discover other ways to play it.

How to play-A

Dice can be to add fun to this game.

A team throw dice first, and if throws 6 then the B team push down 6 pops

And the other way round

The player who presses down the last pop loses the round and needs to push the middle big pop, similarly, it will win three games in five rounds.

How to play-B

Players take turns pressing down any number of pop they wish in a single row

The player who presses down the last pop loses the round

Whoever loses push the big bubble in the middle

Whoever wins three of five rounds wins the game! It’s just that simple and fun!


Made of high-quality silicone material, soft, thick, and durable.

Can be pressed repeatedly not easy to crack, wear-resistant.

Can effectively relieve stress and restore mood.

Easy to clean.

Suitable for:

Parent-child games to relieve anxiety and stress, adults in the office who suffer stress and need to relieve.

Applicable target:

Autistic patients, the elderly, children and adults, and other people who need to relieve stress.

Play it Whenever You Want – This pop sensory chess board toy is lightweight and easy to carry.

You can simply fold it and put it into your bag thanks to high-quality rubber material, not to mention its washable and can be reused.

Great Gift Choice – Big pop fidget toy help to relieve stress, anti-anxiety, concentrate on work which makes it a perfect gift for kids & adults on birthday, party, holidays.

Premium Materials – Pop bubble fidget sensory toy is made with non-toxic rubber material that is safe for kids and adults.


Size: 32.5 x 19cm /12.8 x 7.5inch

Material: Silicone

Color: Bright rainbow color

Shape: Big rectangle

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