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Making you enjoy cooking easily!

This funnel can make you fastly and precisely pour away the water, soup, or other liquid with less waste and without messy.

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy.


HEALTHY MATERIALMade of food-grade silicone material, environmentally friendly, good flexibility, curvature design, keep food quality from overflowing.

INNOVATIVE DESIGNCurved design for smoother flow.

The solution naturally flows along with the guide opening without spillage.

The clip slams the pot and slowly falls down.

Don’t worry about water, soup, oil, etc., it will pour too much and not mess up every time.

GREAT PRACTICALITYThis funnel will fit snugly into most pots, bowls, or pans, no need for emergency, quick and easy.

Pour the mouth to help pour the liquid into the bowl, pot, pot, soup, and oil to prevent confusing spills.

The colander that best suits your kitchen!

STRONG FUNCTIONStylish, new standard of kitchenware.

Eliminate the transfer process.

There is no need to place the filter or lid against the pan when attempting to expel the boiling hot excess liquid.

EASY TO USEPut the guide on the edge of the pot, you don’t have to worry about the soup being dumped too much and causing unnecessary trouble.

MATCH VARIOUS MODELS No need to have bulky colanders of different sizes sitting around.

All you need is the silicone small size strain, space-saving kitchen gadget effectively strains food by clipping on side of the pot, allowing you to grip the pot with two hands.


Material: Silicone

Weight: 40G

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