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Science Has Done It Again! Adjustable Eyeglasses That Allow You to Say Goodbye to Your Optometrist Forever…

Do you hate that eyeglasses come in one-size-fits-all frames that may or may not be comfortable for you?

Are you tired of buying new ones every six months when your prescription changes?

Can you just not be bothered to sit and do the same old eye test over and over again?

Well then don’t click off, because we’ve got your solution right here.

All of us glasses wearers have been there. You sit at the chair and you spend twenty or thirty minutes telling the optometrist if lens 1 or 2 was better, and hoping we decided correctly when both looked almost exactly the same because once we’ve placed the order there was no going back, until six months later when we came to get new ones as our number has increased.

 This is precisely what the revolutionary new adjustable eyeglasses have come to change forever!

What Are We Talking About?

They call this little contraption come to solve all glasses wearers’ woes in one swift swoop.  

Using a new revolutionary dual lens technology, it allows one to manually change the magnitude of the glasses, be it near or farsighted. Combine that with an adjustable stylish frame you can match to your nose and face, and you have the only pair of glasses you will ever need.

No longer do we need to spend heaps of cash on new frames and lenses over and over. The future is now and it’s a pair of adjustable glasses that will last you for life

What Makes Adjustable Eye Glasses So Special?

As an office full of tech and gadget nerds who spend most of their time working on a computer, it’s no surprise almost all of us wear glasses, plus one team member who for some reason has never been affected by all the time in front of a screen and instead needs a pair glasses for reading.

We were understandably excited about that eyeglasses as literally every single one of us has been through the ordeal of getting new glasses several times already. 

The key is its customizability. For most of us, it was the first time we ever wore a pair of glasses that wasn’t too tight or too loose on the nose or on the sides. Self-adjusted to fit just right, and with a very comfortable design in general, it was the first time the option of not having to endure improperly fitting glasses dawned on us.

The lens adjustment was easy and seamless and the best thing was, if somebody happened to lose their glasses, these reading glasses will work with any eyesight! 

We were positively thrilled with how convenient and comfortable eyeglasses was that we actually forgot to look at the whole list of features:

Adjustable Dual Lens Technology – a turn of the dial and the glasses can easily switch from + to – to regular 0 glass if need be.

Sturdy Materials – we did do some rough tests like “accidentally” sitting on them or drop them and were pleased to see the Glasses pass with flying colors.

Adjustable Frame – match the frame to your head so that you never had to deal with those glasses “press” lines on the sides of your head.

Scratch Resistant – A very durable anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating.

Stylish Design – looks great with any outfit we tested it with!

It’s safe to say that all of us glasses-wearers were very pleased, and it was time to examine the price we would be paying for these new super glasses.

98% Of  Customers Recommend This Device To Their Friends

GoThese glasses are amazing! I used to have to carry around multiple pairs with me but now I don’t need to. They just adjust to anything I’m doing and they are super comfortable. They are great!

I was really afraid they would look weird but they actually look really cool, and don’t clash with my outfit! All I need is to turn the dial till I see perfectly and they’re so comfortable!! I don’t think I’m going to need a new pair of glasses anytime soon.

My Son has been struggling to see the white board in class, we did get him a pair of glasses but he would complain that it was still difficult to see sometimes like his eyesight would vary from time to time during the day. Now we got him FlexVision glasses and he can adjust them and see perfectly any time of the day!

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