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Do you never want to experience the help of waiting for a broken bike in a sea of people?

With the multi-function repair kit, save your heart and mind, no worries!

Too cluttered with all sorts of repair tools?

The sturdy compact carrying case is both convenient and stylish and can be used to store multi-tool sets, tire repair patches, and pry bars, as well as other small cycling essentials such as cash and credit cards.

Single tool: Single 16-in-1 tool kit
Tool kit package: 1* 16-in-1 tool kit
+6 * Self-Adhesive Instant Repair Patch: Helps to be ready for a flat tire anytime, anywhere
+2 * Tire Pry Bar: Easy for riders to remove inner tubes and help during repairs
+1 * Lever designed for easy grip and interlocking storage
+2 * Valve cores
+1 * Tire rubbers
+1 * Storage bag

Main Features

Separate plate design can be opened separately, also can adjust the tightness of the plate, a collection of daily maintenance, installation needs to use most of the tools…

Just one multifunctional screwdriver can solve the problem of using screws and nuts. Equipped with a multi-size hexagonal wrench, multi-size socket wrench, flat wrench, bicycle wheel spoke wrench, and two kinds of screwdrivers, it is very convenient for daily maintenance and installation.

Easy To Carry
16 functions in one, compact, and easy to carry. All tool kit accessories can be stored in a mini pouch that can be thrown into a saddlebag or pocket without worrying about losing parts.

High Quality
This product is made of high-quality steel plate plating, using the bottom of the can track composite material with excellent craftsmanship, with many excellent properties such as indestructible and never rusting. An ideal gift for bicycle riders.

Wide Application
It can repair computers, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, etc.

Material. High-quality steel
Size (L*W*H): 9*2.5*4.5
Weight: 210g
Package content. 16 in 1 bike repair tool *1 or 16 in 1 bike repair kit *1

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